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Acne over 30? Learn about the causes, find the source

Acne can be defined as all lesions found on the face and other parts of the skin. We must know that adult acne is completely different from teen acne. The causes are totally different but before we focus on the differences, there is one similarity worth mentioning – both diseases …
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Nutricosmetics – a panacea for all imperfections?

The condition and appearance of our skin, hair and nails depends on what cosmetics we use, the kind of lifestyle we have and what we eat. However, not all substances contained in products and foods work as we would want. Therefore, we must use nutricosmetics, – preparations which deeply penetrate …
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Micellar water – properties, use and ingredients

Cleansing the face should be an essential part of skin care routine even in case of women who don’t wear make-up on a daily basis. Make-up and impurities that settle during the day require a strong make-up remover which is at the same time delicate even for sensitive skin. The …