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Acne over 30? Learn about the causes, find the source

Acne can be defined as all lesions found on the face and other parts of the skin. We must know that adult acne is completely different from teen acne.

The causes are totally different but before we focus on the differences, there is one similarity worth mentioning – both diseases are resistant to treatment.

What are the causes of adult acne?

STRESS – we should mainly blame stress factors. Nerves, pressure and being upset – we experience these feelings much more often when we are grown-ups. Stress affects the work of hormones which stimulate the production and synthesis of substances responsible for sebum secretion. This is what brings us closer to unaesthetic lesions.

DIET – we have a lot to do at work as well as at home, therefore there is no time left to take care of varied diet. There is food which has a negative influence on the complexion. The causes of pimples and blackheads include: eating sweets, white flour foods, spicy seasoning.

AIR – we could say that acne is a civilization disease. The quality of the air has a huge influence on the condition of our skin. The air is getting more and more polluted. Skin problems are much more common among city dwellers who are exposed to dust, car fumes, dry air, etc. Impurities clog the pores whereas dryness of the skin intensifies sebum production.

MAKE-UP – too many cosmetics applied to skin make the problem even bigger. Especially in case of heavy products which clog the pores. However, you don’t need to give up on make-up. If you struggle with pimples, invest in light and antibacterial products. The skin must breathe and have permanent access to air.

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