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Holiday souvenirs – the ones we do not want!

We all love summertime, sun, beautiful weather and bright blue sky. Unfortunately, exposing our skin to sun rays for a long time, apart from a nice tan, also brings a number of negative effects. It often happens that even if you think you protected your body from harmful UV radiation during summer, in autumn, you might expect unwanted surprises on the skin.

What changes can your skin encounter after summer?

1. Discolouration

Such effects often appear as a ‘legacy’ from the negative effects of UV radiation. You must keep in mind that even one day without a proper protection against sun light may result in skin pigmentations. Remember to always use sunscreen! The remedy for such problem can be a proper treatment, for example Cosmelan. It is an especially designed chemical exfoliating scrub which not only reduces skin discolouration but also rejuvenates and eliminates seborrhoea.

2. Poikiloderma

Brown-reddish spots on the neck and face, often resemble red wine stains. Such wide, red patches usually appear on both sides of the neck and sometimes the lower parts of the face. Poikiloderma can be cured with dye lasers (for example Vbeam) or other treatments reducing pigmentations and damaged blood vessels.

3. Severe acne

This is a rather common issue that occurs among people with problematic skin types. In summertime, sun slightly dries the skin and cures the symptoms of acne. Unfortunately, in autumn, we might have to ‘pay interests’ for this good skin condition. Very dry sebaceous glands go crazy and start producing more sebum to prevent dryness. What are the effects? Increased sebum secretion and severe acne. A good solution could be a thorough, full skin renewal which will improve the recovery on cellular level. Applying nutrients to the deepest skin layers with the use of ultrasound can bring tremendous effects.

4. Photoageing

Dry skin that lacks of firmness is a rather unpleasant view. Fortunately, this unfavourable, summer legacy is the easiest to fix. Therefore, a wide range of hydrating treatments that can be done in a professional salon or simply at home, will be enough to improve the state of our skin. It is worth mentioning that UV radiation does not contribute to the production of collagen in the skin tissues. This is a good reason why it is advisable to undergo a collagen therapy.

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