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When eyebrow pencil is not enough: innovative cosmetics for eyebrow make-up

Eyebrow pencil is the most popular and most frequently chosen product. We love it for a trouble-free use as well as the simplicity of creation the most beautiful eye frame with it. However, on times the pencil is not enough for eyebrow make-up – especially when our brows are uneven, require some work in few places or drawing some individual hair here and there. What is more, brows pencil will never fill eyebrows with colour the way, e.g. eyebrow shadows does. Then, what should you have in your cosmetic bag, so that the brows make-up would look perfect? Below we introduce the best products for ideal complementation of eyebrow pencil.

1. Essence – eyebrow pencil with sponge applicator. This product is a bit dry, but allows you to perform more intense brows make-up. It is more similar to shadows than pencil, but application allows us to place it on the list. Numerous make-up artists use it along with traditional pencil to gently fill brows with the colour. Then, eyebrow pencil provides brows with the frame – especially on the lower line, which should be expressively underlined, while with the Essence pencil you can fill the brow with right shade. Stick shadow is available in two versions: light and dark.

2. Catrice – longlasting brow definer – is a product dedicated for these women who have some experience in eyebrow make-up. Its thin and precise tip allows truly professional fill of eyebrows in all the areas that suffer from deficits. You can also go ahead and define lower line with it, i.e. create the frame for the entire make-up. Nonetheless, brow definer requires a sidekick – great complementation for it would be an eyebrow stick.

3. Catrice – eyebrow shadow in form of pencil. On one side the cosmetic is ended with a spiral brush to put brows in place and to comb out excess product, while on the other side it holds powder sponge that allows easy and precise application in order to fill eyebrow contour and provide it with beautiful, subtle colour. The pencil is available in 3 colours.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow pomade – brilliant pomade endorsed by the eyebrow make-up queen. Placed in a jar wax pomade is available in many colours and tones which allow gaining precise eyebrow shape. It is applied with a brush that helps to fill the eyebrow contour with colour. Thanks to it you can gain both strong, intense eyebrow make-up and subtle, daytime effect – perfect for delicate make-up.

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