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Micellar water – properties, use and ingredients

Cleansing the face should be an essential part of skin care routine even in case of women who don’t wear make-up on a daily basis. Make-up and impurities that settle during the day require a strong make-up remover which is at the same time delicate even for sensitive skin. The problem is solved thanks to micellar water.

Cosmetic manufacturers have taken advantage of the demand for products which deliver delicate as well strong and effective action. They introduced micellar waters which are supposed to be light, pleasant and non-invasive products, perfect even for problematic skin type. What does it look like in reality?

The genesis of micellar water is very simple. We can call it 4-in-1 product. It combines the action of gel, milk, toner and make-up remover for face and eyes. It cleanses, tones, moisturises and removes dirt. Micelles help to do it. They remove excessive sebum with all the imperfections.

Women who like to wear strong make-up are easily discouraged by micellar water which is simply unable to deal with strongly pigmented or silicone-based products. However, they can use micellar water in the last stage of cleansing the face in order to freshen it up and restore pH balance. If you often use micellar water for intensive eye make-up removal, it may cause irritation but it doesn’t result exclusively from rubbing the skin while removing the make-up.

What else causes the irritation? Pick one micellar water and take a look at the ingredients. Most of the micellar waters contain detergents like SLS. These are only trace amounts but it is enough to irritate the eyes, dry and sensitive skin. What is more, it is not good when micellar water – marked as hypoallergenic, safe and delicate – contains sodium chloride which is a common cause of allergies.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t generalize. We can find some good micellar waters among bad products. You must know how to look for cosmetic treasures. The basic rule says: the fewer the ingredients, the better the product. It is very good if micellar water contains light soothing ingredients (e.g. decyl glucoside) or moisturising substances (e.g. hyaluronic acid).

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