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Eyebrow pencil – The review of the best cosmetics

Eyebrow pencil is the most popular cosmetic for make-up of this area of the face. It’s easy in use and make-up with it takes just a moment. Well chosen pencil allows creation of beautiful eye frame. Below we present list of eyebrow pencils the most worth of your attention. These are filed by the price – from the lowest to the highest.

1. Essence – eyebrow pencil with a brush – the most affordable on the list, but that does not mean the worst. This pencil is long lasting and very soft. What is more, the pencil has high pigmentation and great formula that lasts on brows for a long time. It is available in four colours and was equipped in a brush that can help you tame unruly hair. Great and affordable product. If you only start your journey with eyebrow stylisation – Essence eyebrow pencil will meet your expectations.

2. Catrice – eyebrow pencil with spiral brush. Well pigmented, soft eyebrow pencil in three colours. Allows vivid as well as delicate finish. On one side has spiral brush, that helps style eyebrows and comb out excess cosmetic.

3. Wibo – eyebrow pencil with spiral brush – is an absolute hit among make-up artists. Soft pencil with a bit greasy formula, that provides subtle colour and velvet make-up finish. Due to wax texture cosmetic allows precise stylisation of even unruly hair. Stick pencil is shaped to easily create define lines and – when using the other side – fill entire eyebrow with the colour.

4. Sleek – eyebrow pencil. Sleek is an iconic brand. It is famous for good quality cosmetics frequently used by the professionals. Eyebrow pencil from Sleek is available in 3 colours. This product is great, because it is automatic and does not require to be sharpen. The pencil has triangular shape for easier drawing individual hair. Gel consistency of the pencil guarantees perfect and long lasting eyebrow make-up, while the brush will discipline hair and allow to comb out excess product. This brow pencil is a professional in the field of make-up.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills – eyebrow pencil. Writing about brows cosmetics, we cannot skip the eyebrow queen – Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil, which is a true queen of all pencils. This is the best pencil you can encounter. This brow pencil has no negative opinions. Its formula is unique – not too hard, so it will not cause spots and not too soft, so it allows perfect application. The pencil is automatic, does not need to be sharpen. It surprises with various shades – 10 colours can fulfil expectations of even the most demanding brows.

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