Silk for hair: How to use it and which one’s the best?

Do you know why your hair needs silk? As it turns out next to keratin, silk is one of the most popular cosmetics for hair. You should use it when your hair is in need of hydration when it’s parched or when it loses its good condition due to hair treatments.
Silk can help you extract the natural beauty of your hair. It will tame unruly and frizzy hair. It can provide gloss and protect hair against split ends. Check how to use silk and which type is best for your hair.

Silk for hair – all those benefits!

There was a time when silk was offered only at the hair salons – the treatments provided an immediate improvement to the hair appearance. It was often used before grand celebrations, holidays, and nights out. Currently, silk is available at any drugstore.

How does it work?

  • Binds water: silk for hair can absorb enormous amounts of humidity. As a result, it perfectly moisturizes, improves the appearance, texture, and condition. In this regard, it resembles hyaluronic acid – the best “moisturizer” available.
  • Silk for hair works on hair surface seals cuticles. It makes hair soft, glossy, and easy to facilitate.

It’s the end for tangles, always frizzy hair, and fly-aways!

  • It’s a stylization combined with hair care: silk for hair regenerates and disciplines hair. Allows you to smooth out hair and protect hair ends against splitting.
  • Additionally, silk protects against UV rays and improves the color of the hair after the colorization to prevent it from fading.

Silk: for which hair type?

Hydrolyzed silk is recommended especially for dry and damaged hair after hair treatments, colorization, lacking vitality, and gloss.
It’s the perfect cosmetic for hair in need of regeneration and that is weak.

High-quality silk with proper concentration and correctly applied to the hair will make your hair look perfect!

Which silk for hair is the best?

The beauty industry is full of all sorts of cosmetics containing silk.
What should you pay attention to?

  1. The composition matters. The more silk the better hair care. Check also is silk was hydrolyzed because then its particles are smaller so get deeper into the hair and that means they nourish better.
  2. Additional ingredients – it is good when there are such. Valued are plant extracts, but also vitamins, such as Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and E.
  3. The method of application – it’s an important matter. If you strive for improvement of heavily damaged hair, then a hair mask applied once a week won’t suffice. For this reason, you should daily apply a good hair conditioner with silk. The best ones are in the form of a spray, containing light hydrolyzed silk. This type of conditioner is spread on hair even a few times a day and you have to do it on washed, towel-dried hair.

Silk for hair – the effects

High-quality silk for hair provides the perfect effects for all hair types no matter the level of damage. It improves hair condition while avoiding making hair heavy because it’s in the form of a bi-phased light conditioner.
Silk for hair in the spray is used both on wet and dry hair when you feel like your hair needs some strengthening. Thanks to it, the hair is protected against dryness and will not be subjected to mechanical damage. Hair will become disciplined, smooth, and glossy.
Hydrolyzed silk makes hair smooth, soft, and glossy. The hair will look neatly and when subjected to stylization it will gain a healthy appearance, better structure, and will no longer be damaged while becoming resistant to damage, water loss, and split ends.

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