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7 things you should never put on your face

The health of our skin largely depends on us. It is extremely important what we eat, what kind of lifestyle we have and how we nurture the skin. It turns out that many substances that we put on the face, may consequently harm it. We would like to present a list of ingredients that you might want to avoid.


Synthetic dyes are most often found in cheap powders, cheek blushes, eyeshadows and even in lipsticks. Good quality cosmetics also include colourants, but these are usualy safer for humans and appear in far lower concentrations. Therefore, it is worth reaching for mineral products.


Propylene glycol is a moisturising substance which facilitates transportation of active ingredients into the skin. Unfortunately, the side effect is an increased risk of irritation, especially on the face. It is advisable to replace it with more natural cosmetics, such as shea butter or oils.


Many online guides draw our attention to useful properties of baking soda. Its main tasks are to brighten skin discolouration and acne scars. However, it is not a good solution. Unfortunately, baking soda causes also irritation to the skin. It is better to avoid it completely.


Lemon or lime juice is often used in homemade facial skin brightening masks. In general, due to large amounts of vitamins contained in citrus fruit, we tend to put them on the first place in home care products. Unfortunately, the downside of this solution is a strong skin dryness and irritation.


It should not have to be explained why hot water can damage the skin. Showering or washing your face with water at high temperature is the first step towards dehydration and skin sensitization. The best and healthiest way of washing is using warm water.


Make-up cosmetics with glitter or face creams with light-reflecting particles. Unfortunately, instead of radiant and luminous complexion, we gain only trouble. Glitter clog pores, which can lead to serious skin problems.


There are people who use cosmetics even after the end of their expiration date. Unfortunately, overdue creams, serums and especially facial masks, transfer harmful ingredients to our skin. What are the results? It can cause allergic reactions or strong irritation.

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