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Home Remedies to Keep Fresh! How to Reduce Excessive Sweating?

Our sweat glands sometimes go out of control. We all know that excessive sweating isn’t just a health problem but also a thing that makes us feel inferior. How to get rid of this gripe? Home remedies may prove helpful. See which ones are worth testing.

Excessively sweaty feet, palms or armpits are the most common in the summertime but some people struggle all year round. How to make the problem disappear? How to reduce sweating? Is a good antiperspirant enough or should you try some home remedies?

What causes excessive sweating?

There are different causes of this condition, including genetic and external factors. Thankfully, most cases can be diagnosed, minimized or even cured.

Factors that may cause oversweating:

  • hyperthyroidism and other hormonal problems
  • adolescence, menopause and other hormone-related changes
  • obesity
  • unhealthy diet e.g. too much spices
  • emotional issues e.g. constant stress
  • alcohol abuse, alcohol poisoning
  • fever during illness

Let’s remember that sweating is the body’s natural reaction to physical exercise, stress or heat so don’t worry if you don’t feel fresh at the end of a busy day. The problem arises when you oversweat and can’t take control of it.


Deodorant, antiperspirant, other products

Once you decide to do something about sweating in excess, you usually reach out for cosmetics, which is a pretty good idea. There are two types of products reducing excessive sweating: deodorants and antiperspirants. They work in a slightly different way.

  1. Deodorants prevent the proliferation of bacteria and (thanks to fragrance composition) minimize the unpleasant odor.
  2. Antiperspirants fight the cause of the problem, ensuring freshness and holding the overproduction of sweat.

Extra products you can try include:

  • anti-sweat shower gels and bubble baths.
  • sprays which prevent excessive sweating.
  • dietary supplements which balance the functioning of sweat glands.
  • talcum powders which absorb excess sweat.

Let’s remember, though, that deodorants, antiperspirants and other cosmetics will never top the proper daily hygiene. Instead of just camouflaging the odor, it’s good to detect the cause of the problem.

Herbs that reduce sweating

Using proper herbal blends is a good home remedy to minimize sweating. Drinking herbal teas is a great way to detoxify the body from within, which means we are healthier, plus the sweat glands work better for longer-lasting freshness.

Herbs that may help banish excessive sweating:

  • sage has an astringent and disinfecting effect; drinking sage tea 2 or 3 times a day helps normalize the functioning of sweat glands.
  • chamomile is another astringent and disinfecting agent; interestingly, it is often added to antibacterial soaps.
  • oak bark tea can be added to bath water or rubbed into sweaty areas since it soothes inflammation, reduces sweating, has antibacterial effect and is an astringent.
  • nettle tea, on the other hand, helps detoxify the body so drink it regularly to restore balance to the body.

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