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Colour harmony. What colour will emphasise Your eyes?

Apparently perfect make-up should extract natural beauty of the eyes and emphasise their colour. However, usually that is not the case. Are we doing something wrong? Yes, we are unable to match colour of the iris with the colours that go well with it. This brief guide should help you with that.

Colour of eye shadow cannot be chosen randomly. It should go well with eye colour, hair colour, skin complexion and even current mood. Choice of wrong shade will cause less problems if applied correctly on the eyelid. Nonetheless, eyes will look much better if with colour you extract their spark and emphasise the beauty.
When choosing right eye shadow you need to be aware of the fact that it can be almost entirely neutral for eyes, but can at the same time improve their appearance.

This is where the following colour division came from:

  • complementary, i.e. colours that complement natural eye colour;
  • emphasising, i.e. colours that intensify iris’ colour.

For delicate make-up that highlight the look in natural way, better is to choose complementary colours. However, if you want to provide eyes with expressive appearance then better go for emphasising colours. It is best to choose eye shadows that suit you, though equally good will look eye pencils, eye liners or highlighters in right colour.

    Complementary colours: sky blue, navy blue, turquoise
    Emphasising colours: beige, light brown
    Complementary colours: beige, light and dark brown
    Emphasising colours: sky blue, navy blue, blue
    Complementary colours: celadon, green, sea green
    Emphasising colours: beige, light and dark brown, light and dark violet
    Complementary colours: greenish beige, light and dark green
    Emphasising colours: violet, beige, brown

Complementary and emphasising colours can appear in various combinations. There are no contradictions toward mixing them with each other, for example green-brown eye make-up for green eyes. It is also worth to look up make-ups in several shades of one colour. The more colours and bolder combination, the better and more expressive effect.

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