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How should you do it? Eyebrows make-up with MAC Brow Sculpt

Probably none of us will dare to leave house with no eyebrows make-up on. If you care about beautiful and trendy appearance then try new cosmetic for stylisation of eyebrows, MAC Brow Sculpt. Do not forget to also test eyebrows pencils Big Brow Pencil and eyebrows shades Brow Duos.

How to provide eyebrows with a perfect shape? Try new cosmetic from MAC – Brow Sculpt. This cosmetic has a double applicator: a brush for stylisation and a colouring stick. The brush stacks and models the brows, while the stick gives them beautiful and intense colour. By placing colouring end under right angle, you will achieve three dimensional effect or natural and delicate appearance. How should you use Brow Sculpt from MAC? With the brush, comb brows upwards, then towards the temple. With the stick, draw small lines, which will imitate brows. By applying several layers of the cosmetic or stronger pressure of the stick against the skin, you can gain more intense frame for the eyes. In drug-stores are available eight colours of the product: four shades of blond, three shades of brown and one shade of black. And what about other cosmetics for eyebrows stylisation from MAC?

Big Brow Pencil is an automatic eyebrows pencil. This cosmetic has powder-creamy texture. Thanks to it you can easily create the make-up you have always dreamt about. How should you use Big Brow Pencil? With short strokes of the pencil, draw lines that will imitate brows. You can choose out of five shades of this cosmetic, which match hair colour and skin complexion of blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes.

Brow Duo are double eyebrows shades. This cosmetic is non-flaking, has extended durability, matches skin complexion and perfectly suits the hair. For application of the cosmetic use angled brush. MAC has in its offer three versions of the cosmetic for blondes, brunettes and redheads. Brow Duo have packaging with a transparent lid.

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