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Coffee and cocoa. Unique duo for dyeing eyebrows at home

Do you like coffee and chocolate? Our proposition is a homemade eyebrow dye on the basis of these aromatic components. You do not need to only look sweet and perfect. Create your own coffee and cocoa. It is a DIY beauty product that works better than henna and is less invasive.

The best cosmetics are those that you can eat! And it is not about the fact that this option is ideal for people with a sweet tooth. The reason is very simple. If it is something you can eat, it means that it is completely safe, natural and do not contain any harmful ingredients. That is why natural care and production of handmade blends is very trendy and safe.

In the ingredients found in the kitchen that provide beneficial effects on the skin, we can find: dark cocoa and natural coffee. Grains of coffee tree and cocoa are perfect, for example, for homemade scrubs. Those are substances rich in antioxidants, improving slimming, nourishing skin and hair. What is more, we can also use colouring properties of these components.


What will you needed?

  • 1 tablespoon of ground coffee,
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil,
  • 1 teaspoon of honey,
  • The right amount of cocoa.

How to do it?

Dissolve coconut oil gently in a water bath or just in the microwave. Next, add the remaining ingredients. The amount of cocoa must be chosen accordingly to the colour, what we want to achieve. The more of the ingredient, the darker the dye will be. The mass should be properly blended to create a consistency that will not drip from the eyebrows and will be easily spread. It is enough to leave it on the skin of approximately 20 minutes, for the eyebrows to become stained. Wash off with warm water or any liquid make-up remover.

Such homemade eyebrow dye is a completely safe product that is easy to prepare yourself. Ground coffee and cocoa will give eyebrows a deep shade of brown, and the addition of coconut oil and honey will provide intensively nourishing effects.

This way we will be able to quickly and effectively dye our eyebrows gaining a natural effect. It is a great option for those people who are prone to allergies, opponents of henna, fans of organic ingredients and homemade cosmetics and vegans.

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