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Underweight is a problem. How to put on weight in a healthy way?

The Internet is full of tips on how to shed unwanted pounds. We are not aware that underweight is as problematic. If you need to put on weight but don’t know how to do it without harming your body, this text is especially for you!

Underweight is a problem connected with fast metabolism. Quick fat burning is genetic and turns out to be the most common cause of disturbed weight. We know that excess weight is unhealthy whereas we are not aware that underweight is as harmful to the organism. It is a common problem of skinny people who are wrongly accused of using harsh diets. How to take care of the proper weight?

You will not solve the problem of underweight by eating hamburgers, pizza, sweets and other unhealthy products which are supposed to fatten us up. Sport and healthy food are much better choices. Yes, you can put on weight with vegetables!

Learn to count the calories

Eating very stodgy meals is not always an effective method as if we add the calories provided in these meals, the number may not exceed a daily dose recommended for you. Measure your demand for calories and add extra 400 calories – apply it in your diet. Check if the diet works for you every week. If not, gradually add extra 100 kcal.

Replace proteins with fats

Natural proteins excellently stimulate metabolism and enhance slimming. Do not give up on them as a healthy body needs them in proper amount. However, choose good fats and enrich your diet with olive oil, rapeseed oil, eggs, nut butter, clarified butter, fish, goat cheese, linseed oil and avocado. Add some carbohydrates: groats, rice, pasta and potatoes. Contrary to proteins, fats slow down the metabolism and make the meals more calorific.

Do not give up on sport

You can put on weight when you do sport regularly. Keep exercising, go swimming and often stay in the open air. Oxygen and swimming trigger the appetite so you take increased dose of calories. Remember about rich calorific meals with healthy products if you exercise. When you do sport, your demand for calories increases.

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