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Lashcode Mascara – Beauty Cocktail for Dazzling Lashes

Healthy lashes are the most beautiful lashes. No matter which mascara you apply, the effect is awful if your lashes are dehydrated and generally in bed shape. Why not combine lash care with makeup? Can a mascara affect the condition of your lashes? It turns out it can. Actually, this effect is quite significant. Mind-blowing makeup and healthiest lashes ever – only Lashcode gives such a result. An excellent mascara containing thought-out ingredients and having a phenomenal brush. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it can be called a beauty cocktail for your lashes. What is the secret of Lashcode?

Lashcode – mascara different than the others – does it work like an eyelash serum?

Enthusiasts of lengthy lashes preach that Lashcode works like a lash enhancer. There’s a grain of truth: it is the only mascara which delivers makeup as well as nourishment and protection from damage. Even though it shouldn’t be compared to traditional eyelash growth serums, we should remember that Lashcode contains as many as 6 substances working actively – nourishing and protecting against damage. A few of them stimulate bulbs to work and keep lashes from falling out:

  • soy germ extract – stimulates lash growth
  • wheat germ extract – strongly regenerates and nourishes
  • Baicalin – saves from damage, valuable source of flavonoids
  • arginine – intensively moisturises and adds elasticity
  • vitamin E – builds hair stem, keeps lashes in excellent shape
  • panthenol – boosts shine, smoothes lash structure

Such a full set of conditioning ingredients in a mascara is quite unusual and even groundbreaking. You don’t need compromises while creating an ideal lash makeup with Lashcode. Choose the ideal mascara which diligently conditions your lashes and gives an incredible makeup thanks to brilliant formula and a nifty applicator.

Lashcode – mascara with an outstandingly precise applicator

What type of mascara brush makes the best choice? The one that builds phenomenal volume and length without clumps or weighing down. It doesn’t gets on eyelids during application either. Lashcode can boast about an ergonomic brush. It coats lashes accurately, leaving them look their best after the very first layer; it easily grabs each eyelash to cover it with the perfect amount of the product. The arrangement of bristles lets you build up extreme volume – without clumping every single time.

Thanks to the brush which grasps every lash and effortlessly spreads the product, you can turn into a professional makeup artist and intensify the effect depending on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re after natural work makeup, charming fanned out eyelashes or hot look (bold maximal volume) – Lashcode will rise to the challenge. This mascara gives you lots of freedom and the effect is always professional and astonishing. A multi-purpose mascara which styles your lashes and gives you the look you wish for – a priceless beauty product in every makeup bag. You no longer need several mascaras to create various looks. Lashcode is going to replace them all.

Lashcode – mascara receiving the best reviews

A mascara getting raving reviews immediately catches the eye – Lashcode is all that. This mascara has stolen the hearts for women all over the world. It’s recommended by makeup artists, bloggers and vloggers as well. Lashcode wins the rankings and outclasses many prestigious mascaras. It is long-wear, flake-free and smudge-proof and you can add next coats while touching up your makeup (without taking makeup off). The duo – the formula and the brush – puts Lashcode on the top position. It is a mascara which knows that healthy, beautiful lashes are the priority and knows how to achieve this goal. Show off your charm and Lashcode will do the rest.

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