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How to create beautifying make-up? A few simple and effective tricks

Beautifying make-up should be light, natural, and easy to make. It should bring out your best assets, hide imperfections, and make you look fresh and beautiful. Meet simple and effective tricks that can help you create beautifying make-up.

Healthy and well-taken care of the skin

Before you proceed with beautifying make-up, you should take care of your skin. Well taken care of skin makes for a better base for the make-up which will look better and last longer. You should match cosmetics with your skin type and its problems. Make sure that your skin is moisturized because a smooth face allows cosmetics to be applied easier.

Eye make-up

Beautifying make-up should focus on eyes because:

  • during a conversation the person we talk to will look you in the eyes and those should draw the attention;
  • nicely done eye make-up will distract the attention from possible imperfections;
  • eye make-up makes us feel better, more confident, and attractive.

Longer and more defined eyelashes

To make eyelashes root line look better to use black matte eyeshadow and spread it on the eyelid so that it becomes wider towards the external eye corner. You should also subtly put eyeshadow in natural color to the lower eyelid and gently blend it. If you have small eyes, you can make use of a trick with a white or nude eye pencil and apply it to the waterline.

Flawless skin

It is not about applying other layers of cosmetics but to camouflage the imperfections. The skin needs to look natural, fresh, and light. You should even out skin complexion, conceal hyperpigmentations, spots, spider veins, and dark circles under eyes. You will need light-weight concealers, BB or CC creams, translucent powder, and fixing mist.

Lips make-up and beautiful smile

Lips just like eyes can easily draw the attention or distract it from the imperfections. How should you create your lips make-up? The rule is simple: intense eye make-up, subtle eye make-up – light eye make-up, intense lips make-up. Remember also that beautifying lips make-up is best to perform with cosmetics in natural colors.

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