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Aqua Brow – The brilliant brow architect

There are cosmetics, which – once they hit the market – become the sensation and are considered to be iconic. They are often irreplaceable and incomparable to any other cosmetic. Make Up For Ever is one of those brands, which are famous for creation of iconic cosmetics, more than any other brand in the business. There is no woman who wouldn’t have dreamt about the palette with highly pigmented and well composed eye shadows. However, there is one product that presides all created by MUFE cosmetics: it is a unique, inimitable and waterproof eyebrow corrector, Aqua Brow. It has caused true revolution in the cosmetic industry.

The effect after use of Aqua Brow is exceptional and cannot be guaranteed by any eyebrow make-up performed by a pencil, mascara or shade. Aqua Brow allows precise fill of brows – it can literally create new brows, which additionally will look very natural and iwith good make-up you will have hard time to tell the difference from the natural brows. No pencil has this kind of precision and properties. On top of that, it is long lasting and waterproof.

It is important that for every make-up with Aqua Brow you powder brows – they need to be perfectly dry, so that cosmetic have good grip. This product is very efficient – small drop of it is enough for full make-up of both brows. Furthermore, for make-up with Aqua Brow you will need angled make-up brush (best synthetic, because from natural bristle it is very hard to remove the cosmetic). Take small amount of cosmetic on the brush and with its use, in short strokes cover area between the hair, to fill in any sparse areas.

Aqua Brow comes handy if your brows have no defined shape – you can underline brow ridge and create the perfect shape of raising brow. This cosmetic allows creation of delicate, subtle make-up, but can also be helpful in providing the definition for more expressive eyebrow shape. Moreover, it fits intense evening make-up and delicate everyday make-up. With its help you can with no problem define lower brows line – one bold stroke with a brush is enough. The product is complex and very efficient. One small tube lasts for a year of use. Aqua Brow sheds new light on eyebrow make-up and makes all the created, prior to it cosmetics, redundant.

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