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How to obtain the perfect eyebrow shape? Diorshow Brow Chalk

Contouring and make-up of eyebrows is this season’s top trend. And because, we women follow all the newest beauty trends, we know how to do it and what cosmetics we should use. But, have you tried newest cosmetic from Dior, Diorshow Brow Chalk yet?

You usually used special eyebrow shadows or a pencil for eyebrow make-up. However, Dior decided to endorse entirely different cosmetic, which will be great for filling eyebrows. We are talking about eyebrow pencil in form of stick, Diorshow Brow Chalk. Thanks to this cosmetic you can quickly shape eyebrows and define eyes frame. Creamy and rich texture of the cosmetic will make application on skin and in between eyebrows truly simple. Furthermore, formula of pencil from Dior has extended durability, does not rub off and is non-flaking. Under the influence of high temperature, cosmetic is expected to not go rancid. Diorshow Brow Chalk is available in three shades dedicated for blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women: 001 Blonde, 002 Soft Brown and 003 Bark Brown.

How should you use the pencil from Christian Dior? Adjust brows and give them shape matching face and eyes. With small comb or clean brush from an old mascara, model brows by first combing them upwards and then towards temple. By positioning Diorshow Brow Chalk in a right way, you can gain effect of filled and darken brows. If you want to draw a contour of brow ridge, with the edge of the stick draw a thin line. Created area fill with chosen colour. Do you dream about 3D effect? When drawing brows, press pencil stronger and weaker. Add few layers of the product if you want to achieve more expressive eye make-up. Time for eye shadows and mascara. To even more underline the look, on eyelids apply line in cat eye style. Light lipstick administer on lips. And remember about one important rule. Dark and expressive eye make-up needs to be accompanied by subtle lips. And the other way round: expressive lips look best with eyes and eyebrows treated with delicate shades.

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