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Serums in a day-to-day lash care. How does Neulash work?

The effectiveness of lash serums used on a daily basis depends on various factors. The way of application matters as much as the blend of components and matching the serum to our requirements. Let’s talk about Neulash – it is a serum that will not bring the same effects to everyone because it is the answer to selective lash problems only. 

Why matching the treatment to your needs is so important? it is connected with the diversity of needs. It turns out that not in all cases, lashes require the same strong regeneration. Sometimes, improving shine will suffice. In most cases, it is all about thickening and improving the volume. Therefore, when choosing lash serums, you should be governed by the aim you want to achieve. Look for products that have concentrated composition and provide versatile action. 

NEULASH – a serum emphasizing lashes 

Delicacy is probably the key to success when it comes to lash care. Neulash is a serum designed to take care of fragile lashes that are in need of reinforcement. It is an effective solution whenever you need to prep your lashes before make-up and to prevent the damaging effects of make-up removal. It is especially recommended if you are the unlucky owner of naturally weak and brittle lashes. However, there is nothing wrong with applying the cosmetic, for instance, after an illness. 

If you use Neulash regularly, you can be sure that:

– it will emphasize your lashes, 

– it will take proper care of nourishing and moisture, 

– it will improve lash resilience, 

– it will boost natural lash growth. 

However, all those effects depend on the initial condition of your lashes. The results of using Neulash can appear quicker if your lashes only need a mild support. The treatment will be longer if your lashes are visibly damaged. Additionally, diversified susceptibility to substances determines the outcome of the treatment. 

Neulash is based on the following ingredients:

– amino acid complexes, 

– hyaluronic acid, 

– pro-vitamin B5 and pantothenic acid, 

– allantoin from comfrey, 

-pumpkin seed extract.

This impressive combination of strengthening, moisturising and soothing ingredients is characteristic for Neulash serum. A vast majority of them is natural which is why the serum is so effective yet gentle. The method of application and be counted as one of the factors determining its results. Is very important to use the product every day accordingly to the manufacturers’ recommendations.