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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Brows and Lashes

We all know and like using coconut oil as a natural hair booster. Some of us reach for this plant oil to remove makeup. Few know, however, that coconut oil also works wonders when applied to lashes and eyebrows! If you’re dreaming about long eyelashes and dark eyebrows, give coconut oil a try!

Which Coconut Oil Should You Pick?

If you count on getting longer lashes and fuller-looking brows, we suggest choosing unrefined and virgin coconut oil. This type of oil – no matter if coconut, argan or other – is the safest and preserves the most nutrients because it was hardly processed. So, if you manage to find unrefined and virgin coconut oil, you will supply your lashes and brows with fatty acids, minerals and vitamins promoting growth. Additionally, such plant-based oil has a moisturizing effect and stimulates repair in hair and skin. Finally, coconut oil kills bacteria and fungi.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Brows

  • intensified color of brows
  • fuller-looking brows
  • damage-resistant brows
  • filled in gaps in brows

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Lashes

  • longer lashes
  • darker lashes
  • curled lashes
  • damage-resistant lashes

How To Apply Coconut Oil To Brows

There are many ways to put coconut oil to the eyebrows. To do so, you can use a cotton pad, Q-tip, brow brush, or even a finger. We suggest applying coconut oil at bedtime to remove the residues in the morning, before doing makeup.

How To Apply Coconut Oil To Lashes

In this case you should use either a Q-tip or a lash brush. If you don’t have one, use an old but clean mascara wand. Be sure that you apply a small portion of coconut oil to prevent eye irritation. However, if the oil gets into your eyes, just rinse it with water. Obviously, if you notice any irritation of eye skin, better resign from applying coconut oil near your eyes.

When Can You Expect To See the Results?

When you apply coconut oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes regularly, you can expect to see the improvement in their appearance after around three weeks. After two months you should be able to see the final effects, which in fact will be stunning!

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