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MONOI – unique oil in prestigious hair products

Monoi oil is an extraordinary product. First of all, it combines the strength of two high-quality substances derived from nature, namely coconut oil and Tahitian gardenia flowers, with beautiful aroma and exceptional properties. According to Polynesians, monoi oil is a substance worthy of the kings, so it is also called tiare (tiara, crown).

Monoi Oil INCI

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Tiare (Gardenia Tahitensis) Flower Extract

Macerated flowers of Tahitian gardenia in coconut oil are irreplaceable in hair care. If you want to know how monoi oil will work on your hair – think about shiny, full of vitality, thick and strong hair of Polynesian women.

This scented oil works best on low porosity hair – it is made of small particles typical for saturated fatty acids. It is perfect for thick, heavy hair that lacks resilience, volume and is difficult to style.

Monoi Oil – what does it contain?

– vitamin B complex

– vitamin C

– vitamin E

– minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus)

Monoi Oil – effects on hair?

To sum up: Tahitian gardenia oil contains a number of vitamins, minerals and saturated fatty acids. Such ingredients are necessary for healthy hair growth. Vitamins help to regenerate cells and nourish hair bulbs and scalp. Minerals play a direct role in the formation of keratin and other proteins, inhibit hair loss, strengthen the sulfidic bonds within the strands.

Monoi Oil – where to find it?

If you are looking for an ideal product to take care of your thick and stiff hair that lacks volume, lightweight and softness – you should definitely look for products containing monoi oil.

One of the very prestigious products with the content of precious monoi oil is Nanoil for low porosity hair. In hair care and nourishment, this cosmetic is unbeatable. This oil holds the said tiare, reigning among hair care cosmetics.

Nanoil for Low Porosity Hair is a product enclosed in a beautiful, elegant and exclusive packaging. Perfectly takes care of the low porosity hair by nourishing it, protecting it from sun radiation, facilitating styling, increasing volume and softening. Thanks to Nanoil, your hair will start to grow faster, stop getting greasy, become silky to the touch, shine, full of volume … just stunning! The Nanoil version for low porosity hair contains 9 natural oils, including cedar oil, monoi oil, coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, shea butter, maracuja oil, babassu oil and cupuacu oil. This is a perfect combination especially designed for this type of hair. Nanoil is a product that has a well-balanced composition, oils are supported by a range of active ingredients that strengthen and protect hair (kerastim and baicapil complex, vitamins A and E, UV filter and panthenol). It is also remarkable that Nanoil Hair Oil has such a versatile application. In this case, the cosmetic adjusts to our lifestyle, not vice versa.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy is another prestigious cosmetic with easy application, a pleasant scent and a high concentration of monoi oil. The product has a surprising look, because through the colourless glass of the bottle you can see its 3 colourful phases: it is clearly possible to distinguish the yellow, red and white layers of the cosmetics. The trick is, of course, to select substances of different densities and formulas. In this case, not only the composition surprises, but also the scent: fresh and fruity. Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy is designed to moisturise hair and protect it from harmful external factors. Also, it tames unruly strands, prevents frizz. It can be used repeatedly during the day. The smell of Ojon oil will make you want to use it continually.

Monoi oil is also loved by the L’Oreal brand. In their oil-based hair elixirs, they willingly use Tahiti gardenia oil. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil – Sublime Hair Enhancer for all types of hair, and especially for those strands that lack condition: are weakened, their ends begin to dry and split. L’Oreal Paris elixir is a version with a gold dispenser, which contains a number of floral extracts for moisturising, sumptuous softness and luxurious shine.

Extremely damaged, dry hair that needs not only strengthening, but deep rejuvenation, will love another version of L‘Oreal Hair Oil with a violet dispenser, L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Ultra Light – Beautifying Treatment. The cosmetic contains monoi oil, flax seed oil, rose and chamomile. They strengthen the hair fibres, improve the condition of strands and regenerate their inner structures. Also, they enhance the brilliance and the colour from the outside.