Does Hair Oil Treatment Make Sense? Naturally! Discover Hair Oils’ Benefits on Your Own Hair

An oil may become your hair’s best friend. First, you must get to know it better and check the form in which it ‘gets along’ with your hair. It’s time we dispelled the myth that hair oil treatment doesn’t make any sense. It is a must!

Hair oiling – it’s a treatment that involves massaging a natural oil or a blend of oils into the scalp and hair. What’s the point? Improving both the health and appearance of hair. It’s important that you can do the treatment at home because the method isn’t difficult and you can modify it as you like.

Does hair oil treatment make sense?

Without doubts, it does! Hair oiling is the best haircare method because it’s all-natural. Vegetable oils feature healthful and valuable vitamins and minerals as well as fatty acids which are important for two reasons. They make up the lipid coat that prevents the skin from losing water. Moreover, the acids connect the cuticle scales which make up the external hair layer. Besides, oils don’t include any substances which could harm the hair (contrary to some cosmetics containing alcohols or parabens).

The point of oiling is reflected by the following effects:

• an in-depth hydration, nourishing, regeneration and strengthening,

• faster hair growth and no more thinning,

• easy detangling and styling,

• restoring the right pH and hydration,

• protection against heat, sunlight, etc.

• defining the natural sheen and color,

• suppleness, smoothness and elasticity.

When is the hair oil treatment ineffective?

To make the most of hair oiling, you must do it respecting the needs of your hair. It’s important that you choose the right oil for the hair porosity (structure, needs) and pick the best technique (there’s isn’t one method that suits us all). If you don’t make your own oiling ‘schedule’, you don’t plan the treatment, you apply wrong oils using wrong techniques, you perform the treatment irregularly – oiling won’t deliver desired effects.